Quest to Championship

Last Saturday, our youth music core team had the privilege to talk and be mentored with one of the best artists in the local music industry.

ENC Muntinlupa Core Music Team. L-R: Third, Quest, Mark, Beia, moi, and Ace (Photo grabbed from Third Argana)

Jose Villanueva III, more popularly known to the industry as Quest, is an amazing rapper, singer, and songwriter. Because of him, I appreciated the Filipino language more. I also had this desire to write in Filipino. Sadly, it isn’t that easy. (When I write in Filipino, it either sounds pilit or seems void of emotion). Anyway, he was gracious enough to answer our questions regarding worship, communing with God, and even writing songs.

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Nocturnal Gymnopediste

Classical music has always been one of my favorite genres in music. I don’t really get how people could think of it as boring or uninteresting. But people do have different tastes, and you cannot push them to like something that they cannot acquire a good taste of. However those tastes are, here are two songs which I’ve been obsessing on for months now — fit for the night that passed.