A Boring Love

One of my favorite scenes from “That Thing Called Tadhana” (That Thing Called Meant to Be), a Filipino indie film written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone


The world keeps telling me, enticing me, to have the reckless-abandon-kind-of-love. And it excites me. It really makes me want it. But then I see people who are happy with a different kind of love – the God-kind-of-love – that goes more than the excitement and euphoria. That goes beyond the looks and the appeal. The kind of love that dwells in people who might not always be exciting, but who would always take the time to say a nice word or two. The kind who would be generous even in lack. The kind who would be kind to anyone or everyone, regardless of the situation.

The world is offering me a lot of options and it tempts me to settle for a love that would be fire, but might burn me down eventually. But I know I’m made for a love that would be a light, shedding sunshine on my darkest days. A love that would help me grow. A love, a light, that would never burn me. But instead, would illuminate and enlighten me. A love that would warm my heart when it is cold.

Sappy as it is, this is the kind of love that is worth waiting and fighting for. And I’m willing to wait and fight for it.


I’ve known this a long time but I realized just now – or as a matter of fact, deeply felt – that being with God is not necessarily being inside the edifice-church. God is in everything. Even the littlest of things. The blue skies and the cumulus clouds; birds chirping in the morning; the feel of the breeze in the afternoon; even the soft patter of drizzle on the skin.

He’s there even in the dark, sweat-soaked bar when I danced the night away and sang my lungs out. He’s there in my room, whenever I wait for the night sky turn to pale blue then golden yellow. God is there in my quiet musings, my constant questioning if there really is an earthly love that lasts. Even in my doubting and fear, He is there. God is present even when I was absent.

And I realized – or as a matter of fact, deeply felt – that it would always be the case.

Bomb Shelter


I’m getting bombed.

Thoughts and ideas. Words and actions. Texts and calls. Daily battlesSome are good, some are bad. And it’s hard to keep my emotions in check when every single one of them are moving like fast cars in my head. I try to hold on, as much as  I can. I try to fight, as hard as I could. When the noise is the only thing I hear, I tune it out and play a louder sound.

I know this battle has been won. I know I hold the victor’s crown. I chose to succumb before because I cannot see nor understand, what I was fighting for. But now, I know the purpose. Now I know for Who’s purpose.

I am troubled, afflicted, hard pressed on every side; but I am not crushed. Perplexed, but not in despair. I am persecuted but I know I’m not alone, not abandoned, and will never be forsaken. I am pushed, struck down, and thrown hard to the ground; But I am not broken.

I’m getting bombed.

But for sure, I’m never gonna get bombed out.

(he)Art Attack!

As I go on this detour, I can’t help but have these small anxiety attacks. What if I can’t go back? What if I’m going the wrong track? Paano ba bumalik sa 24th?

My interviewer told me to take my lunch first and so I did. But I decided to look around BGC as well. Lo and behold, I found myself lost in this concrete jungle. But thankfully, I brought my wits with me and I got back in time for the next part of the interview. This is what I found when I got lost:


Yeeeey I passed that interview! Still, I had to go back for one final interview. And though I was in BGC for weeks already, this is the first time I explored routes that I would (hopefully) take if I get the job. This would be my landmark for daily commutes, just across my bus stop:

2016-06-14 02.55.40 1.jpg

I’m literally having small heart attacks, waiting for that phone call. I always have my phone on silent mode, but now, I have my volume up so that I would hear every ring and notification. There is this part of me that is still anxious and is still in doubt even though everyone told me I did a good job. This waiting game is killing me!

I hope to take in more art within the hustle and bustle of the city. I will, God-willing.

ENC Muntinlupa: A Reminiscence


Tomorrow will be Every Nation Campus Muntinlupa’s first youth service at the Student Center, which is located at the city center. Truly, God holds everything together for the good of His people.

Still, it makes me nostalgic when I see photographs of our old building at Larychean. This is where I matured as a Christian. This is where I started co-leading a Victory group. This is where I started in the music ministry. There are a lot of memories, both good and bad, that I have with this building. It makes me both sad and happy to think about this.

Nostalgia aside, I am really grateful for God’s faithfulness in our campus ministry. As said in Isaiah 43:18-21:

18 “Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

So excited for tomorrow! Claiming the harvest that God has promised! Hope to write more about our Student Center!


Duterte Visits UPLB: Part Two

Like everyone else, I was really looking forward in seeing and hearing Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. We were waiting for something that was not shown on mainstream media or on social media. There were a few, but I believe it was not enough for the attendees of the forum. As said, it was a forum – an open forum. So we actually we’re also looking forward to ask the Mayor questions that were pertinent to us. But sadly, because of the lack of time, he had to finish the forum, answering only 4 questions much to the dismay of everyone.

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Duterte Visits UPLB

Amid loud cheers and chants from students and supporters, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte walked up the stage with his left fist raised and then starting with the statement, “I would be the first president coming from the left.” It’s something new, something people never heard of. But Duterte clarifies this saying, “We follow the path of socialism, but extremism is not for me.”

A GE Talk with a National Leader: Forum on Good Governance, Transparency, and Social Transformation is an activity under the Department of Social Sciences in UPLB through the initiative of the Political Science cluster. This is the fourth instalment of the series and the second time that a presidential candidate graced this forum. Social media was abuzz with the news of his attendance. A lot were expecting a great speech, great answers to the Q&A afterwards, and maybe, just maybe, a little controversy to come out.

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Five Things You Can Do as a Filipino for the 2016 Philippine Elections

Philippine Elections 2016 is so much anticipated because of the sheer controversies that enshroud candidates, especially those running for the national office. With less than two months to go, the candidates are on tiptoes trying to woo everyone everywhere. If they are upping their game, so should we. But how do we prepare as responsible, able, and sound-minded Filipinos? Here are five ways:


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