Belinda Llarenas: Vision of a Social Enterprise


My vision of a social enterprises focuses  on mothers and women in my community through a livelihood project utilizing water hyacinths in combination with other modern materials like clay and glass.  Though companies like Jacinto and Lirio had established their firm using water hyacinth, I  strongly believed that there is still  so much that can be explored using this material.  My  products would include clay sculptures in combination with water  hyacinths. I would deviate this time by making my product  just the  way I want it regardless of function or design.  

Benefits to Stakeholders

This  enterprise is where women  independent, empowered and have a sense of pride  in themselves and in what they are doing.  It is where they can develop themselves through learning skills that would enable them to earn and help in the family without leaving their homes.  

Beneficiaries would also include out of school youths, the unemployed who can do water lily harvesting, drying and other processes to make the raw material usable.  It would be an economic and environmental project that would help in the greening advocacies of the government, helping de-clog rivers and waterways and at the same time making something out of what  used to be an environmental problem.  

Consumers will take pride in owning products that appeals to their aesthetic sense and at the same time helping sustain the environmental drive by the government and NGOs.  

Value Proposition

The main focus is to help women to be more goal oriented and empowered by becoming financially independent, have the sense of productivity and self-worth to be more aware that there are so much more that they can do to improve their lives and their families. 





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