Urban Farming: A Social Enterprise Vision

Background and Rationale

In a small barangay in Tanay, Rizal, we conducted an outreach activity. The particular location was suggested by an employee of a local farm which is also situated on that place. This farm serves both as a plantation and also a place where farmers would gather and encourage each other. The farm also put a premium on the work that the farmers are doing. They emphasized that the farmers hold an important role to the farm as well to the lives of other people.

Also recently, organic products has been the rave. There are services which offer organic produce to be delivered right to your doorstep. This kind of service is especially helpful as consumers won’t have to leave the comforts of their own home to choose quality organic ingredients.

Since it has been proven that urban farming is possible even in the metro, we want to offer a service that can deliver produce grown organically by local “farmer families” here in the metro.

Description of Products and Services

Basically, the idea is to have families in the specific area participate in urban farming where they would grow and take care of produce. Growing them organically would also have an added value.

In terms of offering them to consumers, it would be offered in two ways: a physical location where the products are solved or through online/phone purchase. If possible, a mobile app where they can place an order would be very helpful since it’s making it morw convenient for other people to purchase.

Benefit to Stakeholders (consumers, community, producers)

The stakeholders and their benefit would be the following:

1.) Consumers – Since these are organic produce, it would help them stay healthy. It also is convenient since it’s possible to call or order by using an app.

2.) Community – By just showing that it is possible to plant edible produce, I believe the community would be encouraged to start urban farming as well. They would also be more inclined to choose this healthier and more convenient option.

3.) Producers – Growing organic produce would not only help with having additional income but also help them in their everyday lives since they can also consume part of what they produce.

Value Proposition (statement on who the enterprise will serve and how it will serve them)

The enterprise would serve marginalized families by helping them create a small urban farm in their homes. If a plot of land would be available, it would also be made accessible for them to use. The main idea is for them to grow organice produce and offer them to the nearby community. The consumers can order them either through phone or through an app and have them delivered (since it caters to nearby location only) or also through a physical location which can operate during weekends like a farmers’ market.



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