Glass, Walls, and Doors.

Processed with VSCOcam

All of us are glass.
We choose what people wants to see.
And we become what others would want us to be.
But sometimes, these glasses are made to be shattered —
just like how norms, constructs, and biases should.
Why did we start embracing the word of the world?
When was it ever wrong to be yourself?
So go get a hammer, break down the glass.
Break it and watch the glittering shards amass.
Blood will flow, skin will break
For you to stand tall, this is what it takes.

All of us are walls.
Brick by brick we pile it high
making sure no one can climb
We build a seperate life on the outside
and all the darkness we try to hide
But people will be people
They will try to put down what you put up
They will try to pry with that glint in their eye
And you can choose to give up your bricks
or you can choose to throw it at them
Because there is nothing more off-putting
than people throwing rocks at other people
And they would either back away
or bring a ladder to climb up
to sate their curiousity
to break you
to change you
to tell you that your secret’s safe with them
and they can push and push themselves to you
but you’re the only one who can let them

All of us are doors.
Some open, some closed, some left slightly ajar.
Some locked by knobs, some by heavy-duty padlocks.
Some have peepholes and some have old souls
that have never shaken out their ghosts and their ghouls.
Some might have wrapped their doors in thick and heavy chains
Trying to conceal their guilt, pain, and shame
But there would be a time that they will get tired
of the old musty smell
and the darkness that feels like hell.
And they’ll long for the open skies,
the sound of the waves
the touch of sun on their skin
Long for the bittersweet taste of what used to be
What should you do?
Either open up your door
and come on your own
or give the spare key
for your heart made of stone.

Written last December 11, 2015


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