Bomb Shelter


I’m getting bombed.

Thoughts and ideas. Words and actions. Texts and calls. Daily battlesSome are good, some are bad. And it’s hard to keep my emotions in check when every single one of them are moving like fast cars in my head. I try to hold on, as much as  I can. I try to fight, as hard as I could. When the noise is the only thing I hear, I tune it out and play a louder sound.

I know this battle has been won. I know I hold the victor’s crown. I chose to succumb before because I cannot see nor understand, what I was fighting for. But now, I know the purpose. Now I know for Who’s purpose.

I am troubled, afflicted, hard pressed on every side; but I am not crushed. Perplexed, but not in despair. I am persecuted but I know I’m not alone, not abandoned, and will never be forsaken. I am pushed, struck down, and thrown hard to the ground; But I am not broken.

I’m getting bombed.

But for sure, I’m never gonna get bombed out.


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